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We advise clients on managing crisis and security

We are security professionals and we advise clients on full-spectrum security, user awareness, communication, and Serious Gaming

Safety, security, cybersecurity, awareness, Serious Games

We can assist with...

360° Security advisory

With our clients facing full-spectrum frauds and attacks, we assist with end-to-end solutions, integrating the physical side of security (premises protection) with Business Intelligence and cybersecurity (security diagnostics, risks analysis... ), for a truly custom, integrated and trusted approach.

Serious Games

Serious Games help train and raise security awareness with a much higher retention rate than traditional trainings, and a much better self-appropriation of the messages.
We design & develop fully custom Serious Games for our clients, complete with SaaS analytics platforms to help keep track of progress & pain points.


Proper communication is integral to a good security culture. We assist our clients in communicating efficiently through media trainings & anticipation workshops, and we help them train by creating custom realistic and technical crisis scenarios focused on their business risks.

Security & Fraud Awareness

Cybersecurity, security and fraud awareness is a crucial part of your corporate resilience strategy. We advise our clients on the current malicious trends, best awareness approaches and we then design and implement creative programmes tailored to their business context and specific risks.

We assist beyond just technology!

Fully integrating the culture of cybersecurity and physical security with Business Intelligence best practices, information protection and communication, we are uniquely positioned to address security issues globally.
From performing a global security diagnostic at an expert's boutique firm to brainstorming alongside major cybersecurity market players, through creating innovative communication and awareness tools, including realistic cyber crisis scenarios, we offer a fully custom, full-spectrum approach to security. And we shape all this into thoughtful, exhaustive and highly readable deliverable.

We are missioned by executive management, CISOs and security managers to assist on specific or global security projects and issues, but also by major security solution providers.

We assisted companies defending against threats both physical and logical, tracked fraud campaigns, protected information, designed custom Serious Games and realistic cyber crisis scenarios, or helped solution providers better communicate their expertise.

We have experience working in different legal environment and have worked across cultures for clients of all shapes and sizes.

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