Who are we?


OPFOR Intelligence leverages cybersecurity, physical security and business intelligence to deliver consulting solutions for incident response, corporate resilience and cyber crisis management.

The company was created in Paris, France, in 2015 by Jerome Saiz, principal consultant with 24 years of experience in security and cybersecurity. Jerome works directly with clients or can take a supporting role along with first-class partners, including major law firms, during severe cyber-incidents.

Expert partner.

OPFOR Intelligence entered a strong partnership agreement with Intrinsec regarding its incident response operations.

Intrinsec is a first-class cybersecurity player, well-known for its strong technical expertise and a qualified PASSI LPM and PRIS operator by the French cybersecurity regulatory agency. PASSI LPM allows a cybersecurity auditing company to work with large national critical infrastructure clients, while PRIS allows an Incident Response specialist to handle incidents within national critical infrastructures as well.

Intrinsec operates its own accredited CERT for incident response, as well as its Cyber Threat Intelligence team and cybersecurity supervision center (SOC)

This combined expertise, in association with OPFOR Intelligence's crisis management, contributes to offer our respective and mutual clients a strong and very operational incident & crisis response framework.

SOC Supervision

About that name

For the military, OPFOR means "Opposing Force". It is the friendly unit that plays the role of the opponent during training. OPFORs are tasked to deploy the same tools, techniques and procedures as the adversary might use, so the training can be as realistic as possible.

This is precisely our mission at OPFOR Intelligence. Through our information watch and our incident response/crisis lead missions, we are at the front line to observe attackers' techniques and procedures. This is the experience we then pass onto our clients in peace time during cyber crisis preparation engagements and training scenarios.

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