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We advise clients on communication and security

We are security experts and we advise clients on communication, user awareness, digitalization and Serious Gaming

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Serious Gaming

Serious Gaming helps organizations train and engage with their staff, showing an increased acceptance and longer lasting results. We develop custom Serious Games for our clients.

Securing Digitalization

From IOT to smart cities, digitalization brings considerable yet strategic security challenges that goes beyond technology. We advise our clients on the best way to narrow the gap between cyber & physical threats, taking into account technology, communication and the human factor.


Innovative communication techniques and tools ensure better acceptance of change. We help shape our client vision leveraging our industry-focus experience and using pragmatic tools & approaches.

User Awareness

Users awareness to (cyber)security issues is paramount to increase the resilience of organizations. We advise our clients on creating made to measure content, users' awareness programmes and teaching tools delivering great impact.

We are the missing part of your secure digitalization plans!

Everything gets digitized and connected. From smart cars to smart cities, businesses and even smart nations, all are facing the challenge of getting more digital and innovative. Ensuring security in this new landscape is not just a technological concern anymore. With a deep understanding of technology, a proven capability in competitive intelligence and physical security, combined with a well established expertise in cyber and communication, we ensure that all those concerns are bolt into a seamless and unique vision, designed to be effectively implemented and communicated to all employees & relevant stake holders.

We have helped enterprises and governmental entities get adhesion to their security policy with our users awareness programmes, and especially our custom Serious Games. Through our advisory programme for solution providers we also have assisted security providers to better understand the requirements of their CISOs targets, resulting in much better designed products.

Last but not least, our investors advisory service facilitated investors' due diligence as they considered opportunities in security startups. We helped them to cross the technology bridge by advising on the relevance of the services offered in an ever changing cyber world.

We have experience working in different legal environment and have worked across cultures for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Some of our Clients

Palo Alto Networks
Institut National des Hautes Etudes de Sécurité et de Justice
Centre National de Prévention et de Protection

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