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Our services to investors & start-ups


We assist investors in their due diligence as they consider opportunities in security-focused start-ups. We are able to advise them cross the technology bridge by jointly reflecting on the relevance of the services offered, the technologies being deployed and the existing competition.

  • We advised several VCs considering founding early stage start-ups.
  • OPFOR Intelligence CEO Jerome Saiz sits as a jury member for one of France's main cybersecurity innovation award.


The same technology and market knowledge skills we deploy to assist investors evaluate potential start-ups can be of relevance to and used by the start-ups companies themselves. We assist them better understand their market and competition, and we may introduce them to potential technology or business partners.

  • We have been advising several start-ups in markets ranging from pure cybersecurity technologies to general compliance solutions.


As part of our service to investors, we provide a series of introductory training sessions aimed at understanding the basics of the cybersecurity market and technologies. We also can advise investors on new and emerging trends in cybersecurity, in order to support their market and tech expertise and keep them current on security issues.

  • Our training does benefit from a large experience acquired teaching in the academic and corporate worlds, as well as public speaking at numerous cybersecurity events.
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