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Our enterprise services


We assist in protecting both your premises and critical information (internally as well as when abroad). We audit and improve your employees' daily digital practices, and of course we perform IT vulnerabilities assessments, both externally and internally. When confronted with threats of malicious third-party contractors, nosy trainees or a barrage of infected emails, we bring best-practices from cybersecurity, information protection and physical security to assist.

  • We tracked and analyzed fraud campaigns using Threat Intelligence tools & techniques
  • We helps a critical small company protect its information assets
  • We analyzed booby-trapped documents, audited vulnerable IT networks, studied, documented and improved bad digital habits
  • We may also audit corporate digital footprints (OSINT techniques, exposure to hostile digital reconnaissance, information threats)
Full security diagnostics


To better communicate your secure digitalization vision we help you create and deliver meaningful security awareness programmes through innovative interactive workshops and content. We can work with your internal communication team or create a full programme from scratch, working with artists & talented graphic designers.

  • We gamified live awareness sessions for much better engagement
  • Our strong content & communication background helps us create the best messages for your campaigns
  • We used fake "email bait" campaigns to raise awareness towards users prone to open suspicious emails
  • We can raise awareness on various topics, such as physical threats to cyber assets in an industrial context


We create custom crisis exercises scenarios, technical and/or strategic, focusing on our clients' own business risks. Our scenarios blend a realistic geopolitical context relevant to our client, realistic and relevant trigger events and attacks TTPs per the latest APT actors information publicly available and our own terrain observations. We can develop scenarios for both tabletop play and, with the assistance of major industry partners, in real time, serving IT as well as business teams.

  • We created a strategic scenario involving an advanced adversary, to train a large SOC team during a major crisis exercise
  • We assisted several crisis exercise initiatives within large organisations, providing several scenario elements and notably making sure the business's views and needs were met

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