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Our services to enterprises & government entities


We developed custom Serious Games for clients in the legal, healthcare and retail industries. Fully customized to our clients' requirements, our games addressed various topics such as cybersecurity, ransomwares or legal investigation.

  • Our games are fully customized to our clients' context, needs and requirements
  • The games are playable over the web through any browser
  • Games can be either fully developed internally or only technically through a game development studio while we manage design & scenario
  • We also developed supporting tools such as a SaaS platform to keep scores, allowing the CISO to better measure his staff's increasing security awareness
Custom Serious Games


Your organization is constantly facing the challenge of getting more digital and innovative. As more and more of your daily operations are being moved online, you have to take a holistic view and ensure those newly digitalized services are not in any way interfering with your current systems and processes. This is where we can assist.

  • We can help assess your current exposure to risk and devise a smart strategy toward a more secure digitalization of your business
  • We can make sure you use standards-based methodologies and procedures to address cyber risks
  • We take into account both physical and cyber security risks
  • By partnering with leading law firms, we also take into account compliance issues


To better communicate your secure digitalization vision we help you create and deliver meaningful security awareness programmes through innovative interactive workshops and content. We can work with your internal communication team or create a full programme from scratch, working with artists & talented graphic designers.

  • We gamified live awareness sessions for much better engagement.
  • Our strong content & communication background helps us create the best messages for your campaigns
  • We used fake "email bait" campaigns to raise awareness towards users prone to open suspicious emails
  • We can raise awareness on various topics, such as physical threats to cyber assets in an industrial context

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